We have an unbroken record of shooting on the Estate since 1825, so we believe in shooting days that are steeped in tradition and delivered with warm Willey Park hospitality;
but it is the experience of our guns that tells its own story:

"Shooting at Willey Park is without exception the weekend I look forward to most every year and this year certainly did not disappoint. You have once again excelled by delivering such testing birds and a weekend that exceeded all expectation."

"Willey, being my first driven day shooting, has set an exceptionally high bench mark for any future days to match. Warm hospitality, delicious food and testing birds (and lots of them). My taste buds are salivating and my shoulder is hurting in anticipation!"

"Congratulations on running a superbly good day. It was a pleasure to be able to do different drives than before which gave us even more opportunity to appreciate your beautiful park. My team are still raving about the day so please reserve a space for us next year."

"I've been lucky enough to shoot at Willey twice this year, in early November and in January. It is amazing that your birds can be of such a high quality so early in the season and thank goodness I had my eye in by January otherwise the bag would have been disappointingly low. Shooting at Willey is a truly exhilerating experience and one that I look forward to each year."

"Great day on Saturday – well managed with consistently strong drives. I’ve been lucky enough to see your shoot develop since you took it on and I’m honestly struggling to think of ways you can enhance the overall experience anymore."

"Wow, what an amazing day, challenging birds, great hospitality and awe inspiring surroundings. This is my 5th visit here and it is the one day I can really look forward to in my shooting calender where I know I will be truly challenged and looked after."

"Well they really don't get much better than that, do they! Thank you so much for such a special, spoiling and memorable day. You looked after us all so well with cracking birds and lots of them."

The Field, May 2010. "(Willey Park is) One of the 50 best sporting estates in Britain. The estate's shooting records date back to 1825. Lord Forester values quality over quantity and enjoys the company of those who when presented with two birds will go for the more challenging. Hats off to the Salopian splendours of Willey Park."

"The Shooting Times, January 2010. Shoot report: Willey Park shoot. Joe Dimbleby returns to one of England’s oldest shoots to discover how its owner has succeeded in reviving his family’s illustrious sporting legacy."

"The best day's shooting I have ever had. Great birds, stunning scenery and hospitality to match. Please reserve me a date for next year."

"I couldn't believe we were shooting in October - the birds were still far too good for us. I'm just glad we didn't book any later as if the birds had been any higher it would have been even more frustrating! An amazing feat to produce such tremendous birds without a breath of wind."

"We had a wonderful day, the birds flew splendidly well. Duffers Hill must be one of the finest drives in the country. The whole day went brilliantly, the beaters and pickers up couldn’t have been friendlier and all our guests have had a truly unforgettable experience. Willey is definitely one of the best shoots around and even the weather was kind to us."

"I should have brought more cartridges. Thank you for a great day! What a truly beautiful place, the countryside around Willey is stunning and you have a great shoot. Thank you for laying on such a special day."

"I have had the privilege of shooting at Willey Park over many years and it remains the highlight of my shooting calendar. The variety of drives and testing birds make for some excellent sport, and all in the most magical surroundings. Thank you for a stunning day."

"Thank you for hosting what I can only describe as one of the most memorable days shooting I have ever had. The duck flighting as the sun burned through the early morning fog was breathtakingly beautiful, and the pheasants, particularly from the Kale and Duffers Hill flew exceptionally and tested us all!  Lunch was just as we had hoped, delicious home cooked food, and plenty of wine. We are much looking forward to next year."

"I just wanted to say what a truly brilliant day we all had and most importantly how extremely impressed we were with the immaculate personal care and attention you gave us as a team. The most beautiful shoot immaculatley run. We will to be back next year."

Image of the guns walking to the first drive at Willey Park shoot over a ploughed fieldImage of a landrover with bird and a gun enjoying bull shot and garlic bread during the morning break